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1514 Leaf with Woodcut - Livy's History of Rome: Hannibal, Battle of Capua

By Livius (Livy) Titus / Johannes Schoeffer Workshop


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Romische Historie usz Tito Livio Gezogen: Mainz, 1514.

Fine medieval leaf with large woodcut & gothic type from Livius Titus (59 B.C.-17 A.D.) Romische Historie, translated from Latin into German and printed in Mainz by Johannes Schoeffer in 1514.

This edition was the most copiously illustrated book in early Mainz printing. First edition of these woodcuts reflected in their excellence and deep impression. Later hand color.

The First Battle of Capua was fought in 212 BC between Hannibal and two Roman consular armies. The Roman force was led by two consuls, Quintus Fulvius Flaccus and Appius Claudius Pulcher. The Roman force was defeated, but managed to escape. Hannibal temporarily managed to raise the siege of Capua. A tactical Carthaginian victory, it ultimately did not help the Capuans.

Condition: As shown, on paper in good condition with minor age toning and spotting to outer margins. 28.6 x 20.1 cm.
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