Who runs Sparrow's Bookshop?

Hi, I'm Kristina!

Sparrow's Bookshop is a Denver based vintage & rare bookstore specializing in hard-to-find items, unique titles and first editions. I started this bookstore out of my tiny studio apartment in 2020.

In just over a year, I was able to move into a dedicated warehouse space and hire help cataloging our ever-growing backlog of new inventory. Now it's a three person operation.

Each book is personally sourced, cleaned, cataloged, researched, photographed, listed, and shipped by our small team of book nerds.

How did it all begin?

I didn't intend to sell books for a living... it was a little side project at first. I thought there was no way anyone could make a living having this much fun. I started small, finding what was popular online and offering my books for sale on eBay. After a few short months, I built my own store to focus on curating a finer inventory.

It quickly became clear that my passion was not just selling books, but also sharing what I learn about the art, history and significance of the book as an object and means of communication.

My path to becoming a rare bookseller was entirely self-taught. It's a great challenge and a great rewardone I feel lucky to have the opportunity to do every day.

What am I working on these days?

I'm hard at work creating educational workshops and resources for new book collectors and sellers. There's a real lack of accessible education in the antiquarian book community, which I hope to change. Check out the 'Learning Center' to see the current resources available!

How can you stay up to date on new books?

New books are posted every single day on our Instagram page (@sparrows_bookshop).

Don't miss out! Follow us here: https://www.instagram.com/sparrows_bookshop/

Thanks for stopping by!

Kristina Sparrow